Growing Technologies is proficient in open source technologies as well as Microsoft .NET technologies and we are ready to help you implement the best solution for your company.

We have found that one of the most important decisions when implementing technology is choosing what technology best fits you current and future needs.  Not only do you ask yourself, "Can it be done?", but also, "How much does it cost?"  Growing Technologies takes the time to understand your needs and budget so we can help you make an informed decision on what technology is best suited for your organization and project.

We also take into consideration:

  1. Usability - We undergo an Information Architecture phase, to determine the overall best site structure to accommodate your target audience's user experience as well as your goals.
  2. Responsive Design - Public sites must be mobile friendly.  It will frustrate a user when they access your site with a mobile device, and they are not able to easily access the information they are looking for.  We ensure the sites we develop are developed utilizing interactive design concepts ensuring the best overall user experience regardless of how you are accessing your site.
  3. Budget - We help you manage your budget closely by creating small sprints/milestones which provide you with checkpoints throughout the project.  Iterative Development allows us to implement "batches of features" and share them to you as the project goes along.  This allows you to see see the deliverables as the project develops and address any changes during that phase of development saving time and money.  This helps us deliver the ideal solution for you while allowing you to closely monitor th cost of development and change requests.

Content Management & Community Websites

Growing Technologies has chosen Drupal as our Content Management System (CMS) implementation framework.. Drupal is a powerful open source content management platform with a strong  and active technical community.  Drupal's strong foundation as well as the thousands of contributed add-on modules makes Drupal an ideal framework to develop content management websites, membership and community based websites, as well as ecommerce websites.

Utilizing the Drupal framework allows Growing Technologies to develop custom application solutions in a rapid development envrionment.  Drupal lays the foundation and allows us to work with clients to build solutions for their business needs.  Features include but are not limited to membership management; multi-language sites; multi-site management; eCommerce; CRM implementation (CiviCRM); and workflow for content editing and publishing.

Custom Application Development

Our staff has extensive experience with ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MVC, and SQL Server.  When we approach a custom development project we consider a wide variety of factors to include, mobile access, third party access and integration (APIs), performance and site traffic/volume, and business needs and goals.

It is critical to understand your overall business and operations so we can effectively implement a custom solution that will meet your exact needs now and allow for future growth.  Understanding your business will allow us to make informed recommendations on better workflow and where your organization will gain the most value when compared to feature development costs.

Staff Augmentation

We also support our clients with additional staffing needs for short to mid term projects.  Our staff is comprised of senior level development and project management resources. We are able to deliver efficiency and productively without sacrificing your standards.  Not only are we focused on the deliverable but also focused on being an integral part of your team.