Southern Teachers Agency

Client Overview

Founded in 1902, Southern Teachers Agency is the premiere PK-12 teacher and administrative recruitment service in the South.  STA offers free teacher placement for candidates, and are the only agency that focuses on private & independent school placements in the South.

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Implementation Details

Southern Teachers Agency (STA) came to Growing Technologies in 2006 with an Access 97 database that was used to support their internal operations. The Access database has a 'front-end' and 'back-end' and STA wanted to build a site that will allow their clients (Independent Schools) and their Candidates to log in to view information about the jobs and placement.  Due to STA's need to stay on Access internally, a site was developed to connect to their Access 'back-end' database.  

Growing Technologies recently completed a new feature for Southern Teachers Agency, a teacher and administrator placement agency, Virtual Job Fairs.  Previously, Southern Teachers Agency would hold in-person job fairs for their Teachers/Administrative candidates and the schools they work with.  With Virtual Job Fairs, Southern Teachers Agency’s customers are able to schedule their own interviews, search for candidates, and launch a virtual interview using Skype®.  The solution saves Southern Teachers Agency considerable amounts of money over traditional in-person job fairs as well as allowing schools to connect with candidates on their own schedule.


  • MS SQL Server
  • Ajax and Javascript


  • Candidate and Schools Login
  • Content Management
  • Advanced Security
  • Job Committee Candidate review, rating and commenting