Modular Building Institute (MBI) called on Growing Technologies in 2005 to take the 8 different MS Access databases they had that served their membership and bring them all together while creating an membership based website that supported their operations workflow as well as provide their members with a feature rich site for events, notifications, requests for information, classes, etc.

Growing Technologies performed a complete redesign of Piedmont Virginia Community College’s site, including a mobile version using responsive design. The new site allows Piedmont Virginia Community College staff to maintain their own content, as well as providing a course catalog with near-real time course availability that is integrated with the Commonwealth’s central course catalog system.

Southern Teachers Agency (STA) came to Growing Technologies in 2006 with an Access 97 database that was used to support their internal operations. The Access database has a 'front-end' and 'back-end' and STA wanted to build a site that will allow their clients (Independent Schools) and their Candidates to log in to view information about the jobs and placement.  Due to STA's need to stay on Access internally, a site was developed to connect to their Access 'back-end' database.  

Growing Technologies developed XPOASIS, an outdoor advertising permitting application, for XP Solutions as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. Growing Technologies delivered the product under tight deadlines and the result is a high quality application that XP Solution's client is very happy with.