Our Approach

Growing Technologies is a full service technology provider, and our focus is 100% customer satisfaction. Technology is most beneficial to a business when it efficiently accomplishes primary business goals. We believe in understanding your business so that we can help you implement technology in the best way possible. By becoming an integral part of your business team as well as your technical team, we differentiate ourselves from other technology providers. It is not uncommon for our clients to ask Growing Technologies to provide an overall technology solution to a business problem.

The technological arena is one of constant innovation and rapid evolution. New tools and methodologies continuously arise, and Growing Technologies regularly educates it’s staff on emerging paradigms to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge. We strive to utilize the newest trends when implementing a web application or web development project, while always drawing from proven methodologies and best practice fundamentals.

Growing Technologies believes that your success is based on well defined business goals, and the ability to effectively leverage technology to efficiently attain those goals. We have helped all of our clients achieve greater success through the utilization of methodologies that best fit their organization and requirements. Because each project is unique, our approach remains flexible and adapts to each clients specific needs.

Growing Technologies takes aspects of each of the methodologies to ensure the following:

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction through continuous delivery of features and solutions.
  2. Understanding our clients business needs and documenting the project scope to ensure that all project team members are aware of the functional requirements, use cases and clients ultimate goal, thereby reducing the resource time required from the clients “subject matter experts” during implementation.
  3. Creating a team environment with Growing Technologies and our client to ensure effective communication and setting feasible expectations on timelines and functional deliverables.
  4. Focusing on the technical design to ensure the highest level of performance and scalability.
  5. Implementing a defined process control to ensure the highest quality of deliverables.
  6. Evaluating requirements and assessing project team skills to ensure that the best team member is assigned to a particular task.

Software development is often an adventure for those who wish to implement but lack extensive technical background. Our team’s successful track record has aided our clients in cutting costs, automating daily tasks, and managing resource costs while continuing to increase growth and business potential and, in some cases, with creating the foundation for their business plan.

Successfully implementing technology will be the ultimate success of your company.