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Ryan Casey was recently featured in the McIntire School of Commerce's Management of Information Technology (MIT) career newsletter.

Ryan Casey and Harrison Thrift attended an American Water Works Association conference at Utah State University...
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Growing Technologies prides itself on not being your typical “web site development or software development shop.” While our development methodology has a core foundation, it is flexible enough to ensure a proper fit for your project and company.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Building a customized, data-rich, attractive website is a complex endeavor.  Over the past five years, the site for my company has evolved from a static advertisement to an interactive workplace with a cloud-based database.  The change has been incremental:  multiple phases, each one building more sophisticated structures on top of a solid data foundation.  The versatility of our current site augments our value to clients and helps retain their loyalty.  Jenny Heyns and Growing Technologies have been a trusted partners in this complex endeavor.  Because of her team’s technical competence and Jenny’s gracious style, I will continue using GT for database and website projects.  The end results of this collaboration have been terrific!

Carey Goodman
Southern Teachers Agency